We are not feminists. We are humanists.  We believe in the equal rights of everyone. We value collaboration vs. competition and that there is enough space in the world for us all to be great.

This isn’t a lifestyle brand about fashion and exploring the world looking cute. We travel for a greater understanding of the world and ourselves. We focus on human connection and know our worth is defined by our actions not our appearance.

We aren’t trying to be a lady boss’ to  expand our wardrobe or our shoe collection. We don’t go to jobs doing things we don’t like to buy things we don’t need to impress people we don’t care about. We understand that less is more —Minimalism —and that less you need need the more free you become. We are financially free because we know this freedom provides real autonomy.

We move our bodies often.   We do it because it makes us feel alive, strong and powerful in our bodies.  We don’t do it to get the guy or look like the one body type in the magazines.  We do it for ourselves because each of us is Uniquely Beautiful.

 We are flawed and perfect in our imperfections.  We are fierce, vulnerable, powerful, relentless, gentle and courageous. We are all these things. We are all enough.  We were born enough.

We cut out the bullshit excuses that stop us from going after the goals we set for ourselves.  We know that if we never give up then we will always succeed.

We understand the only thing we have control over is our internal perspective.  We don’t focus on petty ideas or people and needless drama.  We realize there are too many amazing things to be part of, create and make happen.

We are a community who value collaboration over competition, minimalism over materialism and the importance of time and financial freedom to do the things you want, with who you want, where you want and to never settle.

You create your own happiness. You have all the power within you to reach your goals.

Travel. Adventure. Minimalism. Self-Mastery. Freedom. 

Get ready to start living the life you always wanted.

 Are you ready to be a Fembeast? 

There is enough space in this world for us all to be great.

Lets do it together.