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Female Digital Nomads who work remotely while traveling the world and pursuing adventure. Working in a stuffy office at a soul-crushing 9-5 is no longer the desired norm. Trading your time for money doing something you don’t enjoy to buy things you don’t need is no longer desired. The idea of waking up in a new exotic location seeking out adventure while earning a living is a reality that many people live. Technology has made it easier than ever to earn a living by working remotely, yet women still make up only 15% of the digital nomad community. There are 2 main reasons why: Mindset and Resources. Fembeast is here to overcome both of these challenges. We offer resources, tools, tips and strategies to make your digital nomad dreams a reality. Fembeast is working to bridge the gender gap one female digital nomad at a time.

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About Theresa

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After being turned down by McDonalds, Theresa entered the workforce at the age of 16 at Burger King. Following that illustrious debut performance, she worked 3 jobs throughout college to pay her way while taking care of an ailing father. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she worked repeatedly for startups that are the reason the 90%-of-startups-fail statistic exists. She was tired of having her livelihood be at the stake of someone else’s decisions or gender biases’. Pain can be a great motivator.  An unfortunate event occurred that caused a tipping point.   Finally, she decided enough was enough.

But when you go through so much shit, hit rock bottom and come out on the other side alive, you start believing that nothing can stop you.  She had always wanted to own her own business, but never really knew how to do it. After several initial half-hearted attempts that failed, she fell into a spiral of intense anxiety and depression.

If you don’t give up, you will eventually figure it out. 

Bit by bit, she began cutting out the bullshit stories and the self imposed societal pressures to live life by someone else’s standards or decisions. She chose to never be a victim and to never, ever settle again in life.

The journey wasn’t easy (and still isn’t), but it’s been entirely worth it. Theresa is now living life she always wanted and most importantly by her own terms. She went from Burger King, to jobless, to being her own boss and replacing her primary income with running a profitable Amazon private label. She now travels the world usually rock climbing in Thailand or surfing in the Philippines while running her businesses. Most importantly she now has the time and financial freedom to wake up every day doing exactly what she wants, when she wants, and with who she wants. And one of them is helping others raise their standards and never settle.

We all have our stories and hardships.  We can have them be excuses or motivations to never give up.

Through the ups and the downs, the pain, struggles, failures and wanting to give up she has learned the tools and strategies that really worked to make her location independent lifestyle dream into a reality. More importantly, she is the boss of her life and the boss of her business.

Each of us has the power to live the life we want.  Lets start creating that dream into a reality

You can do this. We can do this together.


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