Simple Tips to Have an Incredible Life

  I want you to think about something. When was the last time you felt really “happy”? I mean, really happy?  Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? Why did you feel so happy? Most likely it wasn’t from something you wore, bought or owned.  Chances are it probably involved an … Continue Reading

From Farmers to Digital Nomads: The Evolution of Work

Work  has evolved greatly over time. The way we work and the types of work it has all changed. Even the concept of work is a bit obscure. What exactly is “work”?   Many of us define work as doing remedial tasks that you don’t want to do to make money to survive. This view makes … Continue Reading

Why Women Need to Collaborate and not Compete

  Women have come a long way in the world. Our history is riddled with fighting for our rights, overcoming obstacles time and again to get where we are today: recognized as equals with men. Well sort of. Yet there are new fights in this modern world. Society pits women against each other, making them … Continue Reading

Discovering Bali: Ubud

As opposed to Canggu, Ubud is the cultural heart of Bali. It is the center for traditional crafts and dance and it is surrounded by temples, shrines, rice paddies, and holy sites. If Canggu is home to the surfer/yogi who occasionally likes to party, Ubud is for the artful, creative, and serene. And did you … Continue Reading

Discovering Thailand :Tonsai

Thailand is a no-brainer destination for tourists who want to venture into Southeast Asia, but so much still remains unexplored in this area. Ton Sai has only been unearthed recently by foreign tourists and as such, it remains very authentic and untouched. But take caution – marvel at Ton Sai at your own risk. Its … Continue Reading

Discovering Philippines: Siargao

I am not kidding when I say that Siargao, Philippines is one of my  favorite places if not all-time favorite place I have ever been.  Many people describe this little island town to be similar to parts of Thailand before it got popular. There are a lot of similarities between the two.  Amazing weather,  welcoming, … Continue Reading

Discovering Thailand : Koh Phangan

We’re on the search for the best places in the world to live the digital nomad life, and one of the top choices on our list is Koh Phangan in Thailand. An island most known for its Full Moon Party. This island gets a bad rap in being known as a party island, yet there … Continue Reading

Discovering Bali: Canggu

If you’re into surfing, yoga, healthy food, simple island life with a bit more party then Bali is the destination for you. This beautiful island in Indonesia has been rising in popularity amongst backpackers, surfers, artists and most recently the location independent entrepreneurs.  With more coworking spaces popping up on the island with reliable internet, … Continue Reading